Project Overview
  • 定鼎中轴 亚奥地标
    A Landmark in the Olympic Park Where Central Axis of Beijing Runs Through


    The Asia Financial Center is located at the heart of the Olympic Park, 11 o’clock position on the central axis of Beijing. Adjacent to 680 hectares Olympic Forest Park in the north, dragon shaped water system in the southeast and landmark buildings nearby such as the “Water Cube” and the “Bird’s nest”. The region plays the critical roles of “the window for international communication, the platform for international cultural exchange and the national center for sports and leisure ".

  • 恢宏空间 人文科技
    Grand Space Empowered by Culture and Technology


    The project adopts an all-steel structure with a steel consumption of nearly 110,000 tons. The innovative steel plate shear wall system and 16 cores form the mainframe of the entire building, greatly improving the space utilization rate. The 80-meter high atrium, 27-meter long-span column-free space and the 1.27 million cubic meters of shared space complement each other through a mixture of grandeur and modernity.

北投巨作 匠心打造
A State-of-Art Work by Beijing Investment Group


The Asia Financial Center is a super grade 5A office building financed, planed, constructed and managed by Beijing Investment Group. Total floor area of the building is nearly 390,000 square meters. Headquarters of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is located in the building.

The architectural design fully embodies the core concepts of being simplified, clean and green, as the designers aim to create a world-class low-carbon building that is graceful, simple, energy saving, environmentally friendly, safe, practical, efficient, sustainable, inclusive and people-oriented.


Beijing Investment Group (or BIG) is a state-owned company assigned with special functions at the municipal level in Beijing. It conducts diversified urban operations featuring “investment, financing, development, construction and operation”. It has undertaken important tasks of developing the subsidiary centers of Beijing. It’s also leading the investment and construction of a number of high-profile projects, including the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Village, Beijing Daxing International Airport Economic Zone and Asia Financial Center.

中国元素 千年传承
Chinese Elements Inherited for Thousands of Years


Asia Financial Center is rated Platinum in international LEED certification and 3-Star in China’s green building certification standard. Designed by GMP Architekten, the building’s design resembles Chinese knotting from a bird view, implying China’s connection to the world. The internal structure takes the shape of Luban Lock. The building uses unique and distinguished Chinese elements such as double-eaved roof and laminated beams to create a special landmark that is low-profile, modest and solemn. Through the composite color of elephant ash and Chinese copper, it embodies the perfect combination of modern design style and ancient Chinese architecture, expressing the design language of “fundamentally Chinese with international spatial layout”.



Asia Financial Center is rated Platinum in international LEED certification and 3-Star in China’s green building certification standard and is designed as a piece of "architectural art" based on the standards for "architecture of memorial and significant importance.