Facilities & Services
The architectural design fully embodies the core concepts of being simplified, clean and green, as the designers aim to create a complex building that is modern and innovative.
  • 十大空中花园
    十大空中花园 如置身自然之中,随处享受高度融合的室内自然景观。
    Ten Sky Gardens
    You can appreciate a highly integrated natural landscape from indoors as if you were immersed in nature.
  • 七个采光庭院
    Seven Daylight Courtyards
    U-shaped floors are adopted in design so that sunshine can enter the building through the atrium to fill the whole space, allowing all working areas to benefit from the most balanced natural light.
  • 双层内呼吸式玻璃幕墙
    Double-layer Breathable Glass-paneled Wall
    It is equipped with an intelligent electric sunshade system and an active ventilation system, plus VAV system and four-pipe HVAC system, to ensure constant temperature and humidity.
  • PM2.5五级过滤系统
    Five-layer PM2.5 Filtration System
    The system ensures the indoor PM2.5 index reaches the safe level. The high-quality green building materials and high-performance equipment systems can ensure green indoor environment.

建筑全生命周期BIM应用 从设计、建造到运营全程采用BIM技术,实现大厦的模拟建造及数字化交付。基于BIM的运维平台实时采集各系统动态数据,对大厦进行智能化管控,必将成为国际高端写字楼的标杆。


BIM Application Throughout the Building’s Lifecycle: From design, construction to management, BIM is applied to simulate the architectural model and enable the digital delivery of the building. BIM-based operation and maintenance platform collects data of each system in real time to intelligently control the building.

Key Project Supported by Robust Power System: The municipal grid offers duplex power feeding for the project to ensure stable and efficient power supply.



In order to build security standards on par with those of embassies, three lines of defense consisting of an anti-collision system, a security check/access control system, and an integrated security IT system has been established.

防冲撞系统 采用固定柱与液压升降柱相结合方式,发生紧急情况时,可启动防冲撞管理措施。

安检系统 设置航空级安检设备,适时启动访客安检。

卡巴速通门系统 采用非接触卡作为人员通行识别介质,配合系统管理软件及控制识别设备,实现对人员出入的综合管理功能,经过授权的智能卡用户可由速通门快速进出受控区域。

安防集成系统 配置人脸识别、双鉴探测等前端,集成门禁、高清视频、周界报警等安防子系统,基于智能化安防平台,从容应对各项安全挑战。

高级别抗震与技术安全防护 建筑抗震按照《建筑工程抗震设防分类标准》(GB50223-2008)特殊设防类标准设防,同时参照联合国安全和保卫部(UNDSS)及同等国际金融机构安全防护标准。

The anti-collision system uses a combination of fixed columns and hydraulic lifting columns. In case of emergency, the anti-collision management system will be activated.

The security check system is equipped with aviation-level security check equipment to run security check of visitors.

Kaba access control system uses non-contact card as identification medium for personnel access, and works in conjunction with system management software and control identification equipment to realize integrated management for personnel access. Authorized smart card users can quickly enter and exit controlled areas through quick-access gates.

The integrated security IT system includes a front end with facial recognition and double discrimination detection. It also has security subsystems such as access control, high-definition video, perimeter alarm, etc. Based on an intelligent security platform, it can easily handle various security challenges.

High-grade seismic and technical safety protection is made possible as the building is fortified according to the standards set out for the special fortified category of “Classification Standard for Seismic Fortification of Construction Projects” (GB50223-2008). The building also refers to the United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) standard as well as the safety protection standards of equivalent international financial institutions.



High-end supporting facilities can provide ultimate convenience for well-accommodated business settlement which hosts Fortune 500 companies, international financial institutions, NGOs and international cultural exchange organizations. In the surrounding areas, there are premium hotels and conference venues such as China National Convention Center, InterContinental Beijing Beichen, and Pangu 7 Star Hotel. There are also Olympic Park, Beijing National Stadium, Water Cube and other national sports venues. In terms of medical care, there are Anzhen hospital, 306 Hospital of the PLA, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Third Affiliated Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and many other medical institutions. High-end shopping malls and the upmarket Xin’ao Shopping Center are also in close range.


The supporting commercial facilities are committed to creating a high-quality service environment and meticulously selected brands to provide premium services for the customers of the project.


In addition, this project will provide world-class property management services upon completion to give customers access to the all-round attentive services customized to their needs.



B1 以餐饮、便捷服务为主,打造生活配套区

F1 以商务、文化、金融服务为主,打造商务功能区

F2 以追求私密性的商务简餐配套,打造目的性商务宴请服务

More than 3100 square meters of staff restaurants provide considerate service for staff dining.

Supporting commercial facilities are concentrated in B1, F1 and F2, with a total area of 8465.64 square meters.

B1 is dedicated to catering and convenient services to meet the needs for daily necessities.

F1 focuses on providing commercial, cultural and financial services to create a business functional area.

F2 is a space for people looking for private rooms to have business meals. It can cater to for-purpose business banquet services.